What Makes a Woman Beautiful?

Christian based letters to my Grandgirls

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Good morning, my sweet girls,

Today I am sharing an article on a very important topic.  This writing tells my story and struggles with the concept of true beauty.

Whenever it is my turn to write for The Glorious Table, I pray God will choose my topic and use my words to touch people’s hearts.  I pray God speaks  to you, deep inside your soul, to give you a new appreciation for the wonder of you! You are wonderfully made!


What makes a woman beautiful? Is it her flawless skin, dazzling white teeth, or her perfect size-6 figure? Hair is her crowning glory; the Bible even says so. Yet outward appearance distracts from true beauty, a beauty that abides deeper than the eye perceives.

While I was growing up, the pursuit of outward beauty drew me in. As a teen, I sought to make myself beautiful in the eyes of my peers. I was, however, painfully self-conscious in junior high because I had stick-straight blond hair, distinct blobs of freckles across my face, big front teeth, chipmunk cheeks, and a derriere too big in comparison to the rest of me. I held little hope of becoming one of the beautiful women of the world.

In high school, my shape began to evolve. I learned how to manage my hair and apply makeup to cover my freckles. My teeth fit perfectly in my mouth at last, and my booty was lining up proportionately with my frame. I even hung out with beautiful people.

I had noticed that a beautiful woman is looked upon favorably, even before proving who she is inside. When she goes to a job interview, for instance, there’s no doubt she holds an unfair advantage. Her looks can win over someone whose skills and competence surpass hers.

I knew there were many advantages to being outwardly attractive, and I understood the perks. Yet as God’s child, I heard an inner warning alerting me against focusing on outward appearance. I became keenly aware of the world of appearances. God’s Spirit gently warned, Don’t get comfortable.

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